Welcome to Keystone School

Soaring Eagle Academy, Chicago. The Lionheart School, Atlanta. Rebecca School, New York. All of these institutions have one essential element in common: they are all dedicated to a comprehensive, developmentally-focused, inclusive approach to providing the best educational opportunities possible for children with autism and other developmental disorders. These schools, and others like them around the world, use the DIR®/Floortime model as their primary focus to promote individualised learning pathways for students with a range of challenges. DIR®/Floortime does not exclude or undermine the efficacy of other treatment approaches. Rather, it is a lens through which we evaluate a child’s development, understand their individual differences and focus on creating learning opportunities through relationships.

Keystone School, Sydney. It is time to add an Australian school to that growing list. Although still in its planning and development stages, we envision a world-class, leading-edge educational institution here in Australia that will offer access to the latest in integrated, responsive education for children with autism and other developmental disorders.

In addition to the long-term plan to open Keystone School, we are building tools to support teachers, parents and children through the pre-school and primary years. Our Keystone Professional Development Module is designed to give teachers the skills to analyse their students’ individual profiles and optimise learning environments for all children, regardless of whether or not they face developmental challenges. By providing teachers with easy-to-use checklists and in-the-moment coaching, as well as workshops that provide deep knowledge of developmental issues in the classroom, Keystone can help schools fill in the gaps between socio-emotional learning and academic achievement. The program uses the best of current neuroscience-based developmental practise combined with decades of Australian and international expertise. Contact us now to find out how we can help your school maximise each child’s potential.

Keystone School Vision

To prepare children with developmental challenges and who may be on the autism spectrum to live successful and enriching lives emotionally, behaviourally, academically and vocationally.


Keystone School Mission

To develop the learning, relating and communicating skills of children with developmental challenges.